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Cash Flow Management – Budget and Revenue Cycle

Jeanne has observed that given the complexities of billing and reimbursement, somehow standard cash flow management gets lost in health care organizations.  To people in other businesses, it seems so simple, yet it isn’t.

It isn’t simple because virtually every single staff person in the organization is involved in bringing in the cash via the documentation needed to justify the billing.  The new value-based purchasing models can require documentation not only from clinical staff, but sometimes housekeeping, facilities, or kitchen staff. 
It isn’t simple because every payer has different billing rules and methods, and they change the rules constantly.
It isn’t simple because patient care services are individualized, so the billing is somewhat different for every patient.
Then there’s 340B pharmaceutical administration and all the complicated vendor contracts.
It isn’t simple.  So let Jeanne take a look at your cash flow management and help you get the payments your organization is earning and deserves. 
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