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Jeanne goche

Jeanne Goche, President and CEO

Jeanne Goche has been smoothing the way to long-term sustainability for health care organizations since 2008. She holds an MA in health administration and a JD, both from the University of Iowa.

Executive Leader & Strategic Consultant

Jeanne has a deep range of operational and strategic expertise developed over more than 25 years in her roles as a CEO, CFO and COO in the health care industry. She has a proven track record of improving organizational performance in a wide range of settings, from physician groups to academic centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, and community hospitals.

Health Care Finance Expertise
Health care finance is one of Jeanne’s strengths. She goes far beyond the standard accounting and auditing procedures in establishing excellent financial operations for her clients.  Where the CPA and auditor GAAP analysis ends, Jeanne’s work begins.

Her finance background is enhanced by her work as Director of Business Development at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa where she was involved in PPO, TPA, and HMO advancements.

At the University of Iowa, during significant managed care growth, Jeanne built the revenue cycle system and achieved excellent rates for all the hospitals and clinical specialties.  This revenue cycle system received perfect scores by outside auditors.

Mentoring, Facilitation, and Collaboration
Jeanne has successfully mentored management teams through periods of instability. She has facilitated the renewal of relationships with Boards and physicians, as well as addressed staff and community concerns.

Collaboration is a hallmark of Jeanne’s approach. So much so that she has been recognized nationally for her work.

She received the Health Resources and Services Administration Award from the United States Department of Health and Human Services for meeting Organ Donation Breakthrough Collaborative goals ahead of schedule. This success involved collaboration with staff across a large academic medical center, as well as external regional organizations.

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Pam foster

Pam Foster

Prior to joining Solutions in Healthcare Management Pam worked 30 years as a human resource expert in healthcare hospital systems and physician practices.
With over two decades of experience, Pam has been instrumental in various aspects of human resource management, including union contract negotiations, restructuring, crisis management, benefits, and recruitment. She influenced the development of HR processes, such as human resource orientation, hiring, and training.

Pam worked with several high schools and colleges training instructors and students in professionalism and employability enhancement. She participated as a Health Occupations Students of America judge for Michigan State competition and was a leader in the Job Training Partnership Act Programs in Michigan.

She has used her business education in multiple endeavors including serving as president of the American Business Women’s Association.
Aminata taylor

Aminata Taylor, CPA

Aminata “Ami” Taylor, CPA, has built a distinguished career over the past decade, mastering the nuances of nonprofit accounting, auditing, and consulting with a focus on small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations. In her notable tenure as Chief Financial Officer for esteemed organizations such as United Way and Camp Fire Alaska, she has developed a knack for streamlining financial processes and enhancing operational efficiencies.
Ami equipped herself with a bachelor's degree from Coe College, followed by an MBA from Kaplan University, both of which provided her with a deep understanding of financial principles and business strategies. Her professional journey is further validated by her status as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), with active licenses in multiple states. Ami is known for her rigorous ethical standards, exceptional problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate complex financial information clearly and effectively. Her expertise not only covers the full spectrum of financial reporting and compliance, but also strategic planning and fiscal management, making her a critical asset to any organization. 
Ami's approach involves a deep dive into the fiscal details of each client, ensuring that every business strategy is meticulously crafted to support sustainable business growth and financial health. Relatively new to health care, Ami’s ability to blend problem-solving with her robust knowledge of accounting, finance, and compliance makes her a valued partner to sustain and expand any business. 
Keith bull

Keith Bull

Hello! I am Keith Bull, the Founder of The Revenue Cycle Group, a firm that offers operational and consulting services to hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare providers. I launched my career in healthcare over 30 years ago with a team that was a pioneer in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle, and I’ve been dedicated to offering customized, innovative solutions and strategies to healthcare organizations ever since.

I enjoy working with clients to take the guesswork out of the complicated business side of healthcare, so that they can fully focus on their mission to serve people and provide the very best care possible. My team has deep hospital and medical group expertise, including revenue cycle and operations analysis, process development, and implementation.

We combine a wealth of knowledge with friendly customer service and a dedication to building trusting relationships within the healthcare industry to help Central Business Offices keep pace with the constantly changing and rapidly evolving healthcare business environment.

Here’s a sampling of our revenue cycle services offerings:  

  • Revenue Cycle Consultations and Assessments
  • Interim C-Suite and Management Staffing
  • Turnaround Specialist for Financially Strapped Facilities
  • Management Coaching
  • Billing and Coding Support (Hospital & Physician)
  • Charge integrity (Charge Master Review & Pricing Review)
  • Scheduling/Registration Assessments
  • Third-party Contract Reviews and Management
  • Physician Practice/Clinic Consultations
  • Community Health Needs Assessments
  • AI-based Revenue Cycle Work Process Automation Powered by CognitiveHealthIT®
If you are a healthcare provider who is ready to take your revenue cycle to the next level, let’s connect!
Claire sakaoka

Claire Sakaoka

With over two decades of trailblazing in PR, marketing, and digital media, Claire Sakaoka, the founder of engage5w, embodies the spirit of strategic innovation. Her extensive experience has been pivotal in shaping the trajectories of over 300 healthcare professionals, businesses, and organizations, redefining their digital presence for maximum influence and visibility, making her an esteemed leader in healthcare industry branding and career outplacement. 

She is a strategic and collaborative leader who excels at facilitating and creating mission-focused initiatives that strengthen the organization. She is a thought leader in public relations, crisis communications, website marketing strategy and development, social media, and online communication and branding.

At the forefront of new digital tools, Claire is passionate about incorporating technology into her marketing plans and implementing cost-efficient systems to streamline an organization’s internal and external communication process to increase its ability to communicate quickly with key stakeholders. 

In addition to her work at engage5w, Claire has led crisis communication responses and developed integrated marketing strategies that align with an organization’s overall strategic plan. This includes rebrand creation for multiple organizations of varying sizes in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.
Doris montag

Doris Montag

Doris Montag has over 35 years of progressive health care management experience in physician and hospital organizations.  Her talents extend from organizational development, service creation, and change dynamics to health care reimbursement and complex, large scale financial management.

She has specialized in operations and process improvement in support of physician clinical work across various practice sizes, and from primary through multiple specialty care areas. During her career, Doris has been accountable for regional specialty medical services.

Doris has managed multiple state and federal public health contracts.  In particular, she provides organizational assessments of clinical services for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  

Doris demonstrates a strong analytical and methodical style that with seasoned interpersonal skills has resulted in organizational successes.  She  is goal oriented and her leadership skills result in client engagement and satisfaction.   She is a solid operational expert with strengths in physician relations, human resources, grants management, financial management, and strategic planning. 

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