After being told that our only alternative was bankruptcy, we chose instead to bring Jeanne Goche into our hospital.  Jeanne is a strong believer in the local community and in community hospitals.  Her belief that "bigger is not always better" started us on the path to success, without mass layoffs of our longtime staff and employees.  Due to Jeanne's efforts to get us back to financial stability, we were able to attract a good Executive Team and are now on course to be a strong and viable presence in our community for many years to come.  Jeanne's success in stabilizing our hospital will not be forgotten and is much appreciated.
--Margaret Minerick, Hospital Board Chair
We brought Jeanne in as an interim, in very short order, she brought to our attention what was lacking in our financial reporting and especially revenue streams. This action set us onto a path that helps our facility continue in a fiscally sound manner. Her time with us was short but the changes have continued.
--John Gross, Hospital Board Chair
Thank you for the help you gave our nursing home and senior living campus earlier this year. You made a difference.
--Ben Pagel, President/CEO, NS Bank
I experienced the professionalism and competency of Ms. Goche's approach to evaluate the performance of all facets of a struggling healthcare system thought by most consultants to be on the brink of bankruptcy and implement critical processes and procedures that eventually led to the complete turn around of the hospital's operations and resulting financial stability. Ms. Goche brings not only her experience and insights to the task but also has a vast array of colleagues who are versed in many different aspects of healthcare system management. 
--Michael Celello, Hospital Legal Counsel
Jeanne gets the job done, even when it's not an easy task.
--Beth Diers, Provisional Administrator, Hillcrest Home Inc.
No one knows how to explain, manage, or turnaround hospital financial operations better than Jeanne Goche! She is one of the "go to" people I turn to when I need someone to help health managers and graduate students understand how health care finance "really works." Term after term students rave about the outstanding practical and evidence-based lectures and course modules Jeanne has developed for the courses I have taught for medical students, law students and other graduate students.  A student recently reflected the following:

"One area I do feel I was able to grow substantially was in the area of Financial Skills. Though it was not an area in which I expected to grow, our guest lecturer in week 5 broke down the financial basics of health care administration in a way that was very understandable and relatable. Jeanne Goche’s lectures and real-world examples made what seemed daunting readily understandable. While I in no way feel like I could walk in the door of a hospital and make sense of all of their financials across the board, I do feel like I have a better understanding of the basic nuts and bolts that would allow me to have intelligent conversation about what is and is not going well from a financial perspective. On that basis I did rate myself much higher in all of the questions related to Financial Skills in the NCHL competency assessment the second time and I would feel much more confident in a financial conversation than I did six weeks ago."

Jeanne is also an excellent writer who has the keen ability to communicate crucial information in a succinct and compelling way. I am extremely grateful for her value-added contributions to the Executive Summary and review of the overall manuscript for my forthcoming Vaccine Mandates in the Health Care Workplace: A Legal Analysis for Employers text
(to be published by the American Health Law Association in summer 2021).
-- Denise Hill, Associate Professor, Drake University
I was introduced to Jeanne in 2017.  At that time, we were in search of an industry expert with a deep understanding of, and extensive professional experience in revenue cycle management.  Several strong recommendations from our existing network of health care professionals led us to Jeanne, and she’s been a pleasure to work with since.

Her expertise and commitment has proven time and time again to be an invaluable asset to the Center for Professional Excellence at Bradley University.  To a large degree, I attribute the successful pilot launch of our Revenue Cycle Management Certificate Program (RCMCP) to her involvement.  Jeanne came to us as a subject matter expert; her proficiencies informed the design of the program and she quickly became a thought partner for other faculty members involved with the program.

Her passion and commitment to helping revenue cycle professionals and healthcare organizations improve is unrivaled. Serving as the lead instructor for the RCMCP, her insights and real-word experience have produced a talent development solution that will have a lasting impact on the revenue cycle professionals and healthcare organizations fortunate enough to learn from her.  

Jeanne is a consummate professional. She is dedicated to the cause and generous with her time.  She is a tireless champion that won’t hesitate to offer her support, no matter the sacrifice.  We are privileged to have her as part of our team. 
-- Angela Settles, Director, Center for Professional Excellence, Foster College of Business, Bradley University

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