Chief Restructuring Officer

There are various signs of a hospital’s downward spiral:
  • The hospital is barely making payroll… time after time after time.
  • Everyone in town complains hospital billing is slow and inaccurate – sometimes bills arrive over a year after care was given.
  • Cash-on-hand is low and vendors complain the hospital isn’t paying its bills.  
  • Top hospital leadership has left with little notice.  
  • Billing revenue is at a trickle with write-offs taken on over 30% of revenue.  
  • A major payer – e.g., Medicare, Blue Cross - has suspended reimbursement to the hospital.
  • Repayment of pandemic monies threatens to close the hospital.
  • The local county or city ends or threatens to end tax support the hospital needs.
Jeanne has pulled her clients back from the cliff of closure and bankruptcy.  Time after time.  Without fail.  Not only that, in the role of Transitional CEO/Chief Restructuring Officer, she has then set her clients on course for long-term success and sustainability.
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