Executive coaching

Executive Coach for First-Time CEO

The CEO is leaving.  It’s difficult to recruit into a rural area.  You want a person who will stay in the community long-term…

So you find a local professional you would like to hire.  Or perhaps your CEO search found a candidate who has never been a CEO.  And – wow, yes - the CEOs in smaller hospitals must gain virtually the same knowledge the big hospital execs have, in some ways, more.

While there is likely a long-term fit for your community, does this professional have enough experience?

Discuss with Jeanne how she might coach your favorite candidate through the CEO learning curve.  She has been mentoring entry-level health care executives throughout her career, particularly during her tenure at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  She specializes in healthcare administration subject matter education along with traditional coaching services.

Coaching can be arranged in a number of ways in cooperation with your candidate.  This gives the CEO support and education in real time and sets the foundation for an effective, long-term CEO tenure.
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