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Revenue Cycle Management Intensive -
Begins September 16, 2021
Bradley University

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in health care organizations has changed drastically the last 20 years and if your organization is financially troubled, the probability is high you’ve missed the RCM memo. Enroll Here.

Here’s what’s happened:
It used to be that Medicare made a change or two per year in claims processing and they were later slowly mimicked by other payers.

In that environment, RCM work consisted of mostly rote, repetitive jobs that we all hired bright local high school grads to do.

Now, changes are being made weekly, if not daily, by ALL the payers ALL the time that directly impact cash generation.  There are few, if any, repetitive, no-mind jobs left in revenue cycle.
  • In short, for those who still think the cash generating process in health care involves only rote, repetitive jobs that any bright high school graduate can do, THINK AGAIN.

Reshaping RCM Staffing
Bright high school grads (and others, of course) can still be effective if they learn the executive-level skills now needed in revenue cycle management today: data analysis, cross-functional collaboration, facilitation of new processes, great customer service, and problem-solving.

What can you do???
Provide your RCM staff members the opportunity to expand their skills at the intensive Revenue Cycle Management Certificate Program at the Bradley University Center for Professional Excellence.

The course is new and improved for Fall 2021:
  • Virtual attendance is now an option.
  • We’ve refined the course.
  • First, we teach an overview of RCM and key best practices based on information from the Health Care Financial Management Association (HFMA). 
  • Then we go on to teach data analysis, problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking, culminating with student design of projects with a return on investment (ROI) for their employers.
  • We’ve added an instructor who’s one of the best in the business: Shawn Steffen, MHA, Senior Director of Revenue Cycle, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, IA.  He’s a highly experienced RCM educator and on the cutting edge of using artificial intelligence (AI) in revenue cycle management.
  • The course still qualifies for 30 hours of group-live training for HFMA certificate maintenance in partnership with the HFMA
  • Discounted registration rates are available for multiple attendees from the same organization.

Your action is needed soon to enhance your RCM effectiveness - The fall course begins September 16, 2021.

More information and the ability to enroll staff members are provided with this link:
Revenue Cycle Management Certificate Program | Upcoming Programs | Center for Professional Excellence | Centers, Institutes and Offices | Academics | Bradley University

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