Local Government Education – County Board of Supervisors, City Council

You’re county or city hospital is in trouble.  It’s failing its bond covenants on the money used for the last hospital renovation years ago.

The county/city is in trouble due to reduced revenues.  Its been providing the hospital significant tax dollars the last several years.  The county/city has made big cuts in its own operations.

The local political pressure is mounting and the county is threatening to hold back the tax dollars.  The County Board of Supervisors wants some answers.  Where is this money going?  Why can’t the hospital stand on its own financially?  What is going on over there???  The hospital isn’t making any cuts.  Etc., etc. etc.

Before the whole local area implodes on itself and the hospital is lost, hire Jeanne to educate the local government leadership.  Losing the hospital is similar to losing the school.  Both will lead to decline of the overall community.

Let Jeanne give you an understanding for the overall picture for health care in your community and help you think through how to keep this vital community resource. 
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